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Well,I found the problem and boy am I glad that I did. I had set the powder adjustment for 20.5 grains of green dot. I measures 3 times and it came out right at 20.5 grains,so I thought I had that ready. Well,I thought I would just check one for the hell of it and What I found gave me goosebumps.They weren't 20.5 at all.the one I pulled was 35.2 with 2 lead shot in the powder cup.So I started opening them all up and found all of then at least 20 grains off withmost of them having anywhere from 1 to 4 lead shot in the powder portion of the shell. Now I am in the process of emtying 2 boxes to try and salvage the powder and shot.I sure am glad that I decided to check some.I'm pulling that adjustable charge bar and going with the regular mec bar and bushings.I hate to think what would have happened if I had shot any of those. sj
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