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Hi, sj:
Jack here. There's a couple more things to check. First, take a look at the lever that operates the primer feed off the crimp die. It runs across the back of the press. It should not contact the lock nut on the crimp punch during the stroke. If it does, bend it out a bit so it clears the nut. If it hits the nut, it pushes the crimp die down further than you want it to go and the case buckles. No amount of adjusting the cam or crimp punch will correct the crimp if the lever is hitting the nut. This drove me nuts before I solved it.

The new Winchester AA shells don't load like the old ones. No personal experience, but there's been considerable talk about them on and Winchester has some advise on their website.

Apparently some of them have a separate cup shaped base wad that catches the wad and holds it up too high. There seems to be several variations in Winchester AAs in the last few years and the old boys aren't happy.

Try those Remingtons. They're easy.

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