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3 gun match yesterday.

Learned that 75 yard shots with a handgun are not nearly as hard as most people would think.

On run and gun CQB style stages (vickers scoring) just because you have plenty of rounds on tap, you don't need to use them all, just to "make sure". 15 rounds required for the string, I shot 28. I think that I actually got a little trigger happy.

Learned not to get to cocky. 9 stages. I did really good to pretty decent on the first 8. The last one looked like a piece of cake, basic rifle stage. Shoot targets, run, shoot targets, run, etc. Made all of the difficult shots. Scored the close and easy ones and dropped a BUNCH of points. Got lazy, got sloppy.

Going to buy some knee pads. Running and sliding behind cover may be a bit faster, but it sure sucks on gravel.

Smooth is fast. Fast is smooth. On one stage that started with big easy targets but ended with a bunch of very small steel, most of my squad was really struggling. You know the old, bang bang bang bang CLANG syndrome. Guys going way too fast and missing. One of our newest shooters stepped up, was very slow, methodical, and focused, did not miss at all and cleaned all of our clocks.
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