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OK, the first thing you are going to need to do is get rid of the swirl I told you was just fine. We need to get the press set up 100%, if after that point it swirls a little with one load or another it is not a big deal. To get rid of the swirl loosen the lock nut on the cam for the crimp die, station 5 on your press. This is the cam that actuates the crimp die that sets the depth of the crimp die. Raise it about 1/32nd of an inch and tighten the locknut. Try loading a shell, if the swirl is gone leave it, if it still swirls raise it a little more until it does not swirl. If you get a hole in the middle of the crimp adjust it down a hair. No swirl and no hole are what you are looking for.

After you get that set, look at the crimp depth and the overall length. Overall you are looking for 2.300-2.335". For depth you are looking for the center to be depressed below the outside .050-.070" . I shoot for overall of 2.320" and .060", this makes for a tight load, but easy to load with a variety of components. I have not adjusted my press in many moons.

Now, if you have to adjust the crimp depth (the crimp depth sets the overall length BTW, they are not seperate adjustments) you might need to go back to the cam adjustment. The crimp punch adjustment is like the bullest seating stem on a centerfire die, it will be right under the cam you adjusted. Loosen the jam nut and adjust as needed. You can chase this for a dozen shells or so, but it really is not that hard. Like I said my press has not been adjusted in a LONG time, once you get it set it will load just about anything.

Holler if you have any questions.
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