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No worries Mikul

These guys are top notch and as someone mentioned before Sable Co. and RBPrecision (Donnie and Robert) are in the midst of a merge and setting up shop in a new location as we speak. They will open their doors Dec 2nd (Mon.). I can assure you that any delay was because of the chaos of the move and not shoddy service or shady business. If your order isn't resolved, call them first thing on Mon. Personally, I know things are busy for them because my friend and I have been to their new location several times and they are always balls to the walls busy perfecting the business. We haven't had much luck reaching them by phone recently either. I hate to tell you to be patient, but give them a couple more days of trying, till you write them off. I am sure after you explain the situation they will do anything reasonable to make it right. And, I'll remind them to check their emails on Mon. morning when I'm over there.
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