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Would you pay for a video tape of your competition performance?

I'm looking to expand my video production services, not looking to make a bunch of money at it...but I love shooting IDPA and thought I'd try to combine some of my hobbies.

Some of you have seen my work (MMM, Lies and Videotape), I like to think I do some pretty good stuff.

What I was thinking about doing, with permission from the club and a location release from the range of course.. and permission from the shooters.. Is to videotape folks shooting COF's, and offer an edited tape complete with slo-mo so that people can review their perfomance and look for areas to improve.

I'm wondering if you'd pay somewhere around $20 for a tape? This is cheaper than I'd normally do, but tons of fun for me so I have to factor that in.. and it's only a sideline.
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