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The thing about see-thru rings, besides putting the scope WAY up there, is all that weight is on the four screws and the two bases. I guess it could be my imagination, but, it seems that there is more chance of leveraging the whole unit off the top of the rifle than if it were all held by a 1-pc. base lower to the top of the action.

The 'C.R.' is a replacement unit for the B.O.S.S. (...periods put in for effect! ) MUZZLE BRAKE unit.
The C.R. stands for 'conventional recoil', i.e., still tunes the barrel vibrations without the attendant noise allowed by the holes in the other unit and therefore doesn't 'brake' the recoil.

Walnut stocks look excellent, especially in pairs.

Hey, you have a computer where you hunt?
Nice camp!

Good luck out there.
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