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%#*^ CCI primers!

OK more mad at myself than anything else, my fault but it felt good to say it

Ran out of Federal and Winchester primers and every store I went to only had CCI. Had time off, bad weather, lots of brass and bullets. I know make up a small batch to try first but I didn't

Now I've got over 400 loaded rounds of 357 Magnum ammo with 5.5 grains of 231 and 158 grain laser cast bullets. Problem is they all have CCI primers which I just found out means I get 1/6 misfires with my stock 65 and 1/2 misfires with my "tuned" model 19.

Called Dillon to find out what I did wrong they said two things: First I bought CCI primers and second made up to big a batch without testing. Well at least they were honest, Don't you hate it when a plan falls apart
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