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Browning BAR .308

Hey guys,
Did a search, but couldn't find out what I needed to know. I recently borrowed a Remington 740 Woodmaster 30.06 to deer hunt with. I liked it so much I decided I need a autoloading deer rifle.

I am a Browning Man by nature, so naturally I was really interested in the BAR. I really like the fit and finish of the rifle, Its so Purty! I am interested in the BAR LightWeight, probably in .308 since I will only be using it for Whitetail here in WI, and I think .06 might be a bit much for my needs.

They sure are pretty, but can they shoot? I always like a rifle that which will outshoot me, Which normally isn't a problem.

Can I properly mount a scope to allow the use of the Iron Sights? I really like the idea of having them as backup or for close in shots.

How is the trigger on the BAR, that was the biggest downfall of the Woodmaster, the trigger was extremely heavy.

What about the BOSS, is it even offered on the .308? I seem to recall I read that it wasn't. If it is, is it worth it?

Thats about alll I have for now. Any other comments would be great.

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