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.45acp handloading with Hornady 230gr XTP

My favorite load for .45acp is using Winchester 571 8.5grains with a CCI Large Pistol primer and Hornady's 230grain XTP JHP bullet.

My question I think has to do with a bullet seating problem that occurs approx. twice (or less) per hundred bullets made. I use Dillon's 650xl press (a great press!) and Dillon pistol dies. Occasionally the above mentioned load produces a bullet that will not chamber. On close examination of the case, it looks a bit deformed, like the bullet was out of round or something. The case is widened around the bullet and then tapers quite a bit behind the base of the seated bullet. This effect is usually more pronounced on one side of the completed cartridge than the other making the bullet impossible to seat. (I have a Colt 1991 A3 a 1911 variant).

Any idea on what the cause of this could be or is this just a normal "production anomaly"?

The brass I use is a mixture of Winchester, PMC, Remington mostly and then some odd ball stuff I picked up at the range.
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