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off hand stance ?

Just seen a shooting camp training video on competition rifle shooting and had some information on the off hand stance that seems a bit odd to me. In the video it has the shooter feet in line with the tgt and the sholders in line as well. The interresting bit to me is the the position of the froward arm supporting the rifle. It has the elbow resting on the shooter hip and has the shooter lean to the rear bending at the hips. To me this seems a bit unatural to me but I tried it any way the next time I went to the range. Well I didn't run X rings all day long and had a super bad back cramps at the end and didn't any advantage over upright and elbow locked in the ribs as normal for me. I can see a advantage of this stance with women thou having a lower center of balance and some times having a bit more hip to use and such.
So gents I ask the question. Is this shift hips stance (as I call it in my mind) the cat's a$$ or is some one blowing smoke up my skert? Or maybe it's shooters pref thing and I missed my chance to shut up again.
Two bits welcomed
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