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Gary has been doing this to his customers for a while now, and only took steps to 'eliminate past mistakes' when compelled to do so by the Kansas Attorney General's Office. Whether that indicates any permanent changes in the way he does business remains to be seen.

The problems, as I see them, are this. First, Gary makes timeframe promises to new customers on jobs that he can't possibly keep, as he did with me. Second, he makes a large number of completion and delivery promises to his customers he never keeps. Third, he takes on large big-bux jobs from distributors and new smaller jobs when he's a year behind on his work. He only stopped this unethical practice temporarily after the KAG's Office was on his back. Fourth, when confronted by his upset customers, he loses his temper and becomes threatening and abusive. Fifth, he refuses to return parts or guns when his customers demand it.

So the whole ball of wax is that if he was honest with customers, kept his temper in check, always treated his customers with respect, returned customer property when they demanded it, didn't take big-money orders at the expense of his small out-of-state customers, drastically improved his customer communication and learned to schedule his time better, he'd be someone who everybody would be happy to deal with. There's no doubt the man is a very skilled craftsman. He's just a really bad businessman. I hope this experience wakes him up. An Attorney General and 'internet warfare' is what it took to create the possibility that such change in his attitude might happen.
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