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"And here's another person who had experiences similar to mine"

As you have provided a link to my original post, I am compelled to point out that the issue I originally had HAS been resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned (see In fact, I received my rifle as promised, on time - and it is absolutely stunning.

In my case (which I recognize is MY case - not everyone elses), I discovered that positive communication was far better than "Internet Warfare" - and that both the buyer and seller had legitimate reasons for their behavior.

Having learned an important lesson (yes, I over reacted), I would urge all to remember that the vast majority of people in the world are NOT evil crooks out to steal our goods - They are people just like you, and me, that have things happen to them. The true measure of people facing a problem is how they correct the problem, and prevent its recurrance. I believe, based on measurable performance, that SAI is doing a very good job at this - and they are to be commended for correcting and eliminating past mistakes
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