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Nice spin there, Gary. Here is what the Subguns admins actually said:

Removed SAI thread below. All Ctxt...

Posted By: BCR #226 <[email protected]>
Date: 11/21/02 12:51

I nuked the thread on SAI/ Gary Gucciani. Due to the volatile nature of the posts, I deemed it necessary to investigate the claims made. Many exaggerations and false statements came to light the more I checked on the matter. After consulting with another moderator, I made the decision to pull the thread. No one side is free of blame in this matter and more professional conduct would be appreciated in the future.

I would also refer everybody to the BOI posting rules that are posted by myself and other moderators on this board for your reference. Specifically the last paragraph:

"The Board of Inquiry is also a place to give notice of good/bad business transactions. Great attention from is given to making certain that persons posting good/bad experiences about business/individuals post with their real names, e-mails and that they post a fair recount of the transaction. The mentioned party then has a chance to respond knowing exactly who they are talking to and perhaps work towards agreement with the poster."

Thank you,

Apparently, when the Subguns admins contacted Jerry Howland at the KAG's Office, he told them something different than what he told me. The night the I posted the original post at Subguns (same thing as the first post on this thread), I emailed the text of that post to Jerry Howland at the KAG's Office, asked him if he had any problem with it, and offered to make any corrections he saw fit. He did not get back to me.

The following things are absolute facts:

- Gary jerked me around for two years, after he quoted a six week timeframe for the job and I paid him $400 up front.

- When I pressed him, he became abusive and threatened to disassemble the gun and send back the pieces.

- Gary, on six different occasions in the last year, promised he would ship my gun (which he claimed was completed in December 2001) "in a few days".

- Since I've posted my story, many other people have come forward relating their very similar experiences. Due to my posting contact info for the KAG's Office, several new complaints against Solstice Arms are being filed, or will be filed in the very near future.

- Gary is in legal arbitration with the Kansas Attoreny General's Office due to multiple complaints against him filed with that office.

- Gary was way behind on his jobs with a number of out-of-state customers, yet he continued to accept new work right up until the point that his troubles with the KAG's Office began. He told me in one of his emails that he was working on a large order of several hundred rifles for a major distributor, an order he apparently took at the expense of smaller customers like me.

I have the original emails to prove my claims about Gary, and have offered to send them to Subguns admins so they may dissect the email headers and verify their authenticity. The part about the legal arbitration Gary admitted himself on the Subguns thread, and can be verified by calling the KAG's Office at the number in the first post on this thread.

Those are the facts, and Gary's spin can't change them.

Since the old thread at Subguns got pulled, here's a link to the new one:

And here's another person who had experiences similar to mine:
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