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"The parent post was the main problem.... "

THIS is why things of this nature need to be verified BEFORE someone mindlessly believes them. It was requested that someone (an administrator, moderator, etc. of a different board) call the KAG themselves and find out what the truth actually was. Posts similar to this one are now being removed because .......

From anouther respected fourm......

"When scarcely veiled threats are made, outright lies are posted, and "a friend has..." type posts are put up, I think that says a lot about the validity of the thread and posters. I had several people ask me to look into the matter with the KAG. I did so and came to the conclusion that much information posted was misleading and inflammatory.

I've also deleted several posts supposedly by various people with complaints FROM THE SAME IP ADDRESS. Does that sound like something that should be left up? I think not. I'm tired of the bull**** from people posting half truths and out right false information. If you can't stand by your words, don't waste my time with stuff listed above."

That's 110% why its seriously unfortunate that people are allowed to post "half-truths" and get away with it. If there isn't real moderation, that has to reflex on the true validity of all things posted here.
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