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BAR .308 owners help ... surplus accuracy?

Short version:

I want a .308 so I can shoot hundreds of rounds without going broke. I have a BAR 7mm, and other rifles, and the BAR is by far, my favorite ... particularly at the range. I hate the BOSS, but I would have been willing to get it as I very much want to be able to shoot my .308 sub-MOA. However, I was told by Browning that the BOSS is unavailable on any .308 as it would not make a difference. So, I'm looking for current .308 BAR owners to let me know what kind of groups they're seeing with milsurp ammo.


Long Version:

I may or may not use the .308 for hunting. I know it's fine for whitetail and even larger game (according to some). That's not the issue here. After I've shot it, and, when any particular hunt comes along, I may consider it against my other rifles and decide which to take at that time.

I do not handload and I do not plan on handloading. I know I could save a lot of money by handloading, but, it just ain't gonna happen ... not anytime in the near future anyhow.

I like to shoot ... alot ... period.

If I can shoot sub-MOA inexpensively (ex. 200 rounds for $30) then I'll be having a lot of fun. I like the idea of shooting .308 vs. any other cheaper ammo as, $0.15/round is plenty cheap for me and, then, I have the option of using a very experienced rifle for whitetail or whatever.

My buddy got a .308 Rem 700 VLS this fall and took it out for whitetail ... didn't get anything, but that's another story. Obviously, that's what's got me interested in .308. Once he told me how cheap he was able to shoot, and yet, keep sub-MOA with milsurp. I don't want a 700 VLS as, then, for me, the option of using it for whitetail, or whatever, is out ... I just ain't gonna lug a 9 lbs rifle (w/o scope) on a hunt. As well, I just very much prefer a semi-auto for range work ... more fun for me. And, I'm not gonna pay $1000+ for a bushy or the like ... just not into that ... yet. Besides, there is something to be said for taking an "evil" gun for hunting and freaking out the normals. Although, if the price were lower and we weren't in a war to retain our rights, I might consider it.

Basically, if I can keep sub-MOA with a .308 BAR, it's a done deal. However, if it's looking closer to 2+ MOA, I'm not really interested ... I can do better than that with my 7mm BAR with cheap factory ammo any day of the week. At that point, I might consider the likes of a Rem 700 VLS and just leave it at home for hunting.

Obviously, a heavy bbl eliminates the effects of what the BOSS corrects. Although my 7mm BAR does not have the BOSS, I know by shooting various bullet weights that this is an issue. In factory loads, I can't keep a decent group with anything but 140gr or 175gr. Browning says that the .308 does not need the BOSS on the BAR bbl. Maybe not for shooting a whitetail at 100yds. But, my question is, is the BAR bbl able to perform with 147gr. milsurp ammo just as well as a heavy bbl, or, to what degree is the performance less?

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