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OPS Defensive Handgun 101

I will be teaching a four hour class at the Big Shot Indoor Range in Hattiesburg, MS on the evening of Tuesday, 10 December. See below for details.

December 10, 2002

6pm – 10pm

Cost $75

Big Shot Indoor Shooting Range (

Hattiesburg, MS

Learn the basic skills necessary to survive an armed confrontation.
Options for Personal Security presents a 4-hour course that will turbocharge your ability to defend youself and your loved ones. This fast paced and exciting class covers a wide variety of critical topics including:

Developing the Warrior’s Mindset

Practical Tactics for the Real World

Close Quarters Shooting Techniques

Secrets of High-Speed Marksmanship

The Concealed Carry Drawstroke

Judicious Use of Deadly Force
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