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All I can do is relate a similar experience...

I had a 223 Bulgarian kit off for about a year with SAI. I almost contacted the Kansas AG, but decided to see if I could work out something for both myself AND SAI....

Gary had managed to get into quite a backlog... and, being a much better artist than scheduler, had gotten behind. So, we talked. I'm glad we did.

Having worked out an October date that worked for both of us, SAI delivered on time. And I still can't believe what I got - the rifle is flawless. This was the first time I had sent anything to SAI... others had told me it would take quite a while, but that I would be pleased with the end product. They were right

I believe SAI is currently in catch-up mode, and is taking in no NEW work until the entire backlog is complete. Not perfect, but certainly the best, and most practical, corse that can be taken. If one thinks about it, how did they GET that backlog? Through LOTS of business - which pretty much attests to their quality
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