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Warning about Solstice Arms gunsmithing in Kansas

In October 2000, I sent an RPK parts kit and a milled AK receiver to Solstice Arms in Harveyville, Kansas, to be assembled into a rifle. The owner/gunsmith, Gary Gucciano, assured me that it would be done in about six weeks. A couple month later, I paid him up front for the work to help speed things along. I still don't have my rifle. He claimed it was done in November 2001. All I have gotten from him is an unending string of empty, broken promises. Yes, he's been jerking me around for over two years now.

A couple months ago, I filed a complaint with the Kansas Attorney General's Office, Consumer Protection Division. It turns out that Solstice Arms has several similar complaints against it. They've given Mr. Gucciano until the 21st to comply and send the KAG's office proof that the work has been shipped. If he fails to meet this deadline, they will move forward against him with a lawsuit, and possibly a criminal complaint. They will also see if they can get his business license pulled.

Gary Gucciano is the poster known as Informer_SAI (this is info he himself has made public) over at and, where he moderates the gunsmithing forums. I once posted a very diplomatically-worded question asking if anyone else had experienced shipping delays, and those threads were pulled within an hour. I was told that I was 'harrassing and defaming' Gary, and any further posts questioning his business in any way would result in my being banned permanently. That explains why I saw nothing but glowing reviews of his work on those forums, which led me to use his services.

I am posting this as a warning to anyone who is considering doing business with Mr. Gucciano. If you have already had problems with Solstice Arms, you can contact the KAG's Office, Consumer Division at:

State of Kansas - Attorney General's Office
Consumer Protection / Antitrust Division
120 SW 10th Ave.
2nd Floor
Topeka, KS 66612-1597
attn: Special Agent Jerry Howland
Phone: (785)296-3751
Fax: (785)291-3699

If you want to file a complaint, you must fill out, print out & sign a complaint form from their website:

Then sign the form and mail or fax it into their office. If you can't print out this form, you can request they mail you a complaint package.

I hope this saves you from the extreme frustration and anger that this guy has caused me and others.

Solstice Arms website:
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