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Sorry for not responding. I have spent the last couple of days upgrading from NT4 to Win2000. :barf:
I think my next computer might be a G4.

Anyway, I hope I didn't irritate anyone too much about stressing the problems of a restrictive CCW vs an SC decision a la Vermont 1903.
Mr. Gould said "Its probably not a good idea to have people going into banks with guns."
This is what happens when the defendant goes with a lawyer who doesn't really, really support gun rights but merely goes through the motions of defending his client. Can you imagine David Hardy or Halbrook weenieing out like that?
We lost US vs Miller in SCOTUS because of a bad lawyer, and look at where we are at.
Neither Miller nor his attorney bothered to show up in D.C. to argue the case. The case was argued soley by government prosecutors. But your point is well taken.

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