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GnL, thanks for the posts

Cast of characters:
Phillip Cole - passenger in a car with 2 guns and marijuana
Michael Gould - asst state public defender for Mr Cole

Munir A. Hamdan - store owner with a gun in his store
Chris Trebatoski - lawyer for Mr. Hamdan

Jeffrey Kassel - Wisconsin asst attorney general

Justice Diane Sykes - Wisconsin SC Justice
Justice Patrick Crookes - Wisconsin SC Justice
Justice Ann Walsh-Bradley - Wisconsin SC Justice
Justice William A. Bablitch - Wisconsin SC Justice
Justice David Prosser - Wisconsin SC Justice
Justice John Wilcox - Wisconsin SC Justice
Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson - Wisconsin SC Justice

Judge Robert C. Crawford - Milwaukee County Circuit Court judge
Nov 14, 2002 : Docket 01-350-CR : State v. Phillip Cole
note that there is about 5 minutes of silence at around 45 minutes in this one... somone kicked the cord, I think
Sep 23, 2002 : Docket 01-0056-CR : State v. Munir A. Hamdan

Nov 14, 2002 : Docket 01-0056-CR : State v. Munir A. Hamdan

I think that Cole's lawyer, Michael Gould, needs to take a few more classes. Right to keep and bear arms is not granted by the state or the government. Its a right that exists even if its not mentioned. Its an inherent right. Putting it into the Constitution just explicitly protects it.

Why didn't Michael Gould skewer asst AG Kassel with the 'prohibition of CCW guns harmful in cases of road rage'. I would say that in that case, its not lawful anymore, is it.

When a Justice asked Michael Gould about concealed gun in a bank to make a legitimate withdrawal, Mr. Gould said "Its probably not a good idea to have people going into banks with guns." Seems to me that it would be good for the bank and bad for bank robbers to have citizens carry guns with them while they make legitimate withdrawals or business with the bank

We lost US vs Miller in SCOTUS because of a bad lawyer, and look at where we are at.


Of the bat, I like Mr Hamdan's lawyer, Chris Trebatoski.
He puts the court at ease, makes a comment about his hunting weapons in the gun safe his mom bought for him.
He talks about the state's "Oh Don't Worry We Won't Prosecute You For That." attitude.
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