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GnL, thanks again for the info. And congratulations on being read on Sykes show!

RickD, I'd love to see Vermont-style carry here, but it ain't going to happen. If Montana and Idaho can't have it, what are the chances of a sometimes-liberal/sometimes-conservative state like WI going that route?

As much as some people want to hang their hopes on the state supreme court, I think it's too iffy. If they rule in our favor, that's great. If they rule even somewhat in our favor, that will help put the pressure on Doyle to at least not veto the bill.

Charlie Sykes (or was it Jeff Wagner?) pointed out something interesting: in the 16 years that Thompson was governor, not one of his vetoes was overridden. An override of a Doyle veto on this bill would hurt his standing. It's just possible that he'll let the senate pass the bill (assuming a 22-vote margin or better), moan about it to the press, and just berate the legislature while doing nothing about the bill.

We have a really narrow window of opportunity here. If this waits until Doyle has established himself politically, there may be fewer Dem's who will be willing to stand up to him.
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