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Maybe I'm reading your post wrong, but...

Every Wisconsin gunny on this board would love to have Vermont-style carry, but we also recognize this isn't 1903. Even if the WI SCt were to rule the prohibition unconstitutional (thereby giving us Vermont-style carry), chances are it would be met with liberal outcries (read: Madison, Milwaukee dimocrats) of "we cannot have this!" Keep in mind this state just elected the most anti-gun liberal in the state's history to be our next governor. Even the Republicans in the Republican-controlled legislature would probably want to reap something from it (read: permit $s).

I don't think it's a case of pushing a CCW bill because we love bureaucracy and paying money and getting fingerprinted. It's a case where today Wisconsin law-abiding citizens cannot carry a weapon legally in self-defense and something is better than nothing. Is it wrong to have to ask the government for permission to exercise a right? yes. Is it wrong to not have the right at all? YES.

And the chances of the court completely overturning the statute are still pretty slim, IMHO, so it probably doesn't matter anyway.

EDITED to add: the WI SCt, with the exception of 1 or 2 justices, does not want to see Vermont-style carry suddenly thrust upon this state. One of the justices, when asking a question yesterday, said something to the effect of [paraphrasing]: "but if we throw out the statute, we will have an armed society," as if that would be the worst thing to hit this state since weekend vacationers from Chicago. I guarantee you, that if this court throws out the statute, it will be with the expectation that a better statute follows from the legislature that clearly outlines the boundaries of our constitutional rights to bear arms.
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