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Various upcoming courses in Atlanta

Just thought I would post a list of some interesting courses that
I'm either conducting or sponsoring in Atlanta over the next
few months.

11/30-12/1 Trident Concepts (Jeff Gonzales)
Combative Pistol 2 (advanced course)
1 spot open, requires prior approval by Jeff or
me due to pre-requisites. One day of live fire &
one day of force-on-force. tuition $349. for more details.

12/28/02 Personal Defense Training (David Blinder)
Handgun 3 (intermediate level)
Just forming. Must have gun handling & safety
experience. NRA basic or personal protection
qualifies. tutition $125. for more details.

1/18-19,2003 Personal Defense Training (David Blinder)
Unarmed Self Defense (no prior training needed)
Just forming. This combatives course is about
winning against a violent assault and there is
nothing martial or arts about it. Very physical
course where you will engage at full force and
speed against a padded attacker. tuition $250. for more details.

3/7-9, 2003 Insights Training Center (Greg Hamilton)
Carbine (intermediate-advanced)
If you have never attended a recognized carbine
course, you must take the three day version. If
you have, you may attend the final 2 days.
tuition $150 per day. for details

3/10/03 Insights Training Center (Greg Hamilton)
Defensive Folding Knife (no prior training needed)
Learn to use a simple folding knife as a valuable
means of defending yourself. tuition $150. for details

4/5-6,2003 Morrigan-Consulting (Bill Jeans)
Advanced Pistol (advanced course that requires
prior approval from Bill or me) 4 spots open.
2 days of ultra high speed live fire, very
physical course. tuition $350. for details

5/16-18, 2003 F-R-I (Steve Silverman)
Level 2 handgun (basic skills required, this is
an intermediate level course) This is a really
good general handgun course that covers what you
need to know to properly use a handgun for self-
defense. tuition $380. for details.

If you are interesting in attending or would like to discuss any
of these, feel free to email or call me.


David Blinder
David Blinder
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