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Good luck to you folks in Wisconsin. Hope you win 'em both.

Right now, since the conservative folks have won the Ohio Supreme Court elections (4-3 margin), all of a sudden the FOP wants to work with the Ohio Senate to "modify & pass" CCW reform. The FOP's have done nothing to help Ohio CCW, other than be obstructionists. The CCW reform passed the Ohio House with a veto-proof majority, and is now in Senate hands. And, a CCW case is before the Ohio Supreme Court.

The ban on CCW in Ohio has already been twice ruled unconstitutional in lower courts. From what I see, the FOP's are very afraid of a "Vermont-Style carry" ruling being made. The FOP's want to increase training requirements, including 8 hours of range time, huge fees, and adding a lot of "Can't carry in here" restrictions.
Load your weapons and 'Stand Ready'. It will be a bumpy ride.
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