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Pin Shooting

Went to my first pin shoot yesterday. I think I did pretty well. My best string (clear 5 pins) was 14.27 second with 9 rounds from my CZ-75.

Altough I was getting decent hits, I still had to clear 3 or so pins that fell but did not clear the table on the first shot. Of course, its hard to tell exactly where you are hitting.

My question to any pin shooters out there: what the best 9mm ammo to use at a reasonable cost? I was using Win White Box 115grain FMJ. Would I be better off with a heavier bullet?

Any advice would be appreciated.

It was damn impressive to see some guys with 1911s clear 5 pins in 5 shots and 4 seconds! Those pins were farther from the back of the table and flew off the back!
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