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Any new to Tusco shooters out there? Don't be bashful. These are FUN shoots for all skill levels. All safe shooters and equipment are welcome. Run the rifle course with your scoped pistol. Clear the short course with your HD shotgun. Bring your full auto if you have one. The course of fire can be anything! Pepper poppers, large and small, steel plates, bowling pins, who knows until you reach the line. You can shoot all day for as little as $5. No need to worry if your holster is legal. What's a power factor? Who cares how many rounds your mag holds! This is a FOR FUN shoot. Kids and seniors shoot free. Hot food and drinks are available in the snak-bar. The fun starts around 10 and runs until...Bring plenty of ammo If you have any questions check the Tusco web site or drop me a note. I hope to see some new faces on the line.
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