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I am perplexed at your resistance to making sure you train with certified good guys. Do you actually want to train next to an Al-quada member, or perhaps billy bob biker with his 6 felonies to his credit?

Do you actually want the next guy to case your house to have advanced handgun and tactical training skills? Can you imagine a gang of car-jackers that can shoot like an IPSC Master? You want your wife or daughter to train next to a sexual predator?

For me, I would rather have all the scum of the world learn their tricks of the trade from TV and the movies.

I am not worried about misdemeanor traffic offenses. As long as you can legally purchase and own a firearm, you are welcome here. If you have to go to the black market for your guns, then I would prefer you stay away from us.

The requirement to show that you are a good guy, and not a convicted felon, member of a terrorist group, or any other undesireables is not so much to insure that we cover our butts, but to make sure that the classes as a whole are made up of honest, law abiding citizens wanting to learn self-defense skills.

The only way to do that is for the students to show a proof of good character. We don't have access to the State of Washington CCL computor list, we just have you show your CCL.

I hope this helps clear up the reasons why we require such. Believe me, being the libertarian that I am, I don't like doing this. But, I also don't want 60 minutes to show up on my door step wondering why the next DC sniper got his training here.

As far as SoCal, I have 20 years in LE from Idaho and Washington, never been a cop in California, although I have trained many of them.
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