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Your post wasn't quite accurate. Your political opinions about this are your own business (and rightfully so), but you should have your facts straight.

From Insights' page re Basic Handgun course:
Prerequisites: None
From Insights' page re General Defensive Handgun:
Prerequisites: Concealed weapon permit or documentation of good character.
From Insights' page re Intensive Handgun Skills class:
Prerequisites: General Defensive Handgun or equivalent and Concealed Weapons Permit.
From the registration page on the FAS site:
FAS requires a valid State Issued Concealed Weapons Permit for all courses except FAS-1 and the Handgun Safety Seminar. If you do not have a CWP, we will accept a police background check or a letter from an attorney attesting that you have no felony or misdemeanor record. If you have any questions about this, please call.
From the FAS page re Handgun Safety Seminar:
Enrollees must be 18 years or older, free of criminal background, and legally able to own or be in possession of handguns.
So what's the difference? Insights requires a CCW for all classes except its most basic offerings, but will also accept "documentation of good character" for some of its mid-level classes. A CCW is required for higher level classes.

FAS requires a CCW for all classes except its most basic offerings. It sounds from the web site as though FAS requires no documentation of good character or otherwise for its two most basic classes.

I fail to see any substantive differences between what the two web sites have to say, nor do I see any reason to bad-mouth the one while saying the other is acceptable, given that their requirements are essentially the same.


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