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I would never live below sea level. And 82F is twelve degrees too warm.

For my gun (hardchromed, Nowlin barrel, rear Mec-Gar, some tiny tweaking) I make sure it's not stupid-filthy with crud then lube with BreakFree CLP and some TetraGrease on the slidestop pin, as usual.
My load (my 'midnight' load, 'cause that's when I started development, worked until 3 AM) was designed as a closer-to-SAAMI civilian defense load, using a 115g JHP.
And some powder.
Frankly, I just took an older 9x21/9x19 Major load and reduced its charge weight.
Figured it would function .
Great load, just what I was hoping for; maybe I should chrono it?

I was right; every other gun on my squad (including one cop using his duty Glock) puked at least once, and a few were problematic throughout the match.

I was seventh, and top Limited (had a bad day -- THREE misses).

This Witness is my most reliable gun, with a successful round-count exceeding 20K.
Test bed, and some Major Nine, too .
My favorite.
"all my ammo is mostly retired factory ammo"
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