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New competitor, 'old' shooter. Have participated in two assault rifle matches(with FAL) and one practical pistol match(1911), all within the last six months.

Pistol match lessons:
Have extra mags pre-loaded.
Have at least a half-dozen mags.
Get an extended beavertail for the 1911. Halfway through, the web of my strong hand got chewed up and started bleeding. Pressed on, but feeling small drops of blood hit me in the face was kind of distracting.
Focus on reloads. Am used to shooting weapons dry. Fumbled a couple reloads, and stacked on time, due to forgetting a round was still in the chamber. Stopped to wonder why a round came flying out after Tap-Rack. Should've only inserted mag and Tap.
Give targets multiple shots, especialy when T-shirt covered.
Inspect weapon before use. During range time a couple weeks after match, the plunger tube came off while firing. Noticed when reloaded and trigger couldn't be pressed due to safety lever jerked up during Rack.

Be aware of 'Tactical' reload. Know that round is still in chamber. During planned mag change, pulled charging knob back. When bolt was partialy opened, brass case caught my eye. Let it go back forward. Spent a second in disbelief that I did it.
Don't leave excessive oil on barrel. Halfway through shoot, smoke started coming out from the handguard slots. Missed two plates due to front sight view partially obscured.

For pistol and rifle:
Compete against yourself. Forget about super shooter with tricked out scoped AR, or rapid firing handgunner with expensive pistol.
Front site, press, next target.
Sign up, show up, have fun!
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