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Good advice.

Never touch a gun before a match. Yep. Learned that the last time I shot my qualifier for CHL. Had a damn S&W SW9M that would jamb at times. The night before I took it apart to polish the feed ramp one more time to see if it would help. Wasn't paying attention and drove out the wrong pin. It was the pin that held the barrel, trigger and trigger return spring in the frame. Dangest mess I have ever had. Took at least 2 1/2 hours to reassemble it. Had to make a tool to guide the pin back through. Managed to crack one ear on the trigger. Went ahead and shot the qualifier with it. Had no trigger malfuctions. Bought a new trigger from S&W and installed it. Sold it shortly after that. It was the worst gun I have ever owned. I was the only person in my house that could load it without it jambing up. So, no need to tell me about last minute tinkering. No..sir.

Will take me a while to get some extra gear. It's that dang budget thingy.

These guys I'm shooting with are very rigid on safety.

Accuracy over speed. Yep. That's what took me so long to shoot the house set up. Some shot it in 95 sec. I shot it in 144 sec. It would help if I would learn to count shots. I would know when to recharge.

Good shooting.
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