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Question for all those who truly believe appearance doesn't matter, and we should always look to a person's insides to get to their true soul....

Would you go to a job interview (not at Billy Ray's Tattoo Parlor) unshaven, unkempt, wearing tattered jeans, a soiled t-shirt, and dirty tennis shoes?

Would you hire someone who came to an interview dressed like that?

Look, I understand you want to be comfortable and you don't want to ruin a good pair of chinos or your dress shirts, but don't pretend that people aren't judged based on appearance. Maybe you don't really care if other people think you look like the Unabomber, but when you're around me, then you're making me look guilty by association.

To the range, I wear comfortable clothes. However, the range is a public place. I wouldn't wear things to the range that I wouldn't wear to the grocery store or the mall. I don't wear soiled clothes any more than I'd wear a pair of leather chaps and thong underwear that lets my rosy cheeks hang out for all to see.

To bring up an argument I've had with my cousin: "Dressing like a ho doesn't make you a ho. But don't be surprised when people treat you like a ho. You're wearing that to get attention, just understand that the attention you get may not always be the attention you want."
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