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Isn't it odd when Joe Q Citizen is seen in camo and black boots with an evil black weapon he's a psycho gun nut.But when the national media shows cars being stopped by men in camo and black boots with evil black weapons and covered faces,IT'S Public Safety.
One other quick comment.I live in quite a rural area with a police dept of 3(1 is part time).I was at the local diner and 2/3 of the force came in for a bite to eat.They were both "so tactical" I had to laugh.Why in the world do these guys need this get up for?Are the local herfords running an illegal Meth lab?Guess where you can find their patrol cars parked most of the time.Visiting the auto repair/paint ball establishment.(no donut shop).At the turkey shoot last sunday both arrived tactical as all get out.After they left empty handed I figure a letter to the mayor about spending our limited city budget on more ammo and training than snappy looking gear might be in order.
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