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I'm into dressing comfortably, but there's comfort and then there's bad taste. When I see the tee shirts with the "F-U" or "cold dead" type slogans I see a low life. Sorry, I buy the stereotype. You dress the part and wear a sign on your back, expect to be associated with the sign. Clothes form a first impression that's hard to beat. When I see that type of dress at the range or in a gunshop, I cringe.

I go out of my way to not wear signs. My clothes are comfortable but not tacky. Rip-stop BDU's can be bought in "other than Camo" -- Khaki and even O.D. are better alternatives. Personally I prefer Royal Robbins 5-11 pants. Good pocket layout and doubled knees. Tee shirts come in many colors other than tacky, you can actually find them with no logos, advertisements or messages.
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