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here's another"what's best for us"post. i tried to be polite to the fella that thought he knew what the best gun was for everyone,and i will be polite to you.
we are a multi-cultural society,and not just in ethnicity.
first,nobody said every gun owner needs to be a line republican,but that is how everyone else percieves us.that said,do you think the dressed and squared away approach would work any better? no,because the opposite of the sloppy hillbilly,is the ordered nazi;as percieved by the anti-gunner.
the anti-gunner will always see you in negative light,because they have chosen to misunderstand.they lie to themselves,and know it.they lie to anyone sitting on the fence.
the last thing any of us should be doing is embracing our enemies tactics. indeed,their tactics work because evil is more efficient than good. do not hide the fact that some gun owners are cruel idiots,or overaggressive yuppies waiting for their chance. i believe we should speak of freedom,and gun ownership from the highest ground.
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