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I'm more of a lurker then a poster, but I would like to comment that the requirements provided by FAS will ensure that neither I nor anyone in my immediate family will ever attend any class or training provided by them. As per their web site "F.A.S. requires a valid State Issued Concealed Weapons Permit for all courses except FAS-1 and the Handgun Safety Seminar. Please understand that due to the advanced nature of the material presented, it is necessary to "screen" those civilians to whom we teach police based, advanced self-defense and firearms instruction. If you do not have a CWP, we will accept a police background check or a letter from an attorney attesting that you have no felony or misdemeanor record."
The logic of requiring a CHL boggles my mind, when they alledgedly believe "At The Firearms Academy of Seattle, Inc. we believe safety begins with the individual. A career law enforcement officer, Director Marty Hayes knows that the police can't protect you. YOU must be able to protect yourself if you expect to survive an assault on your life or the lives of your loved ones. " If safety begins with the individual then why require the State to attest that it's "safe" to teach me?
In addition, the optional "background letter" that shows no misdemeanors? In WA they are several traffic offenses that are misdemeanors. Not to mention that WA is "shall issue" state. Short of a felony or restraining order, they have to give you one, (regardless of how many misdemeanors you have). Simply another "feel good" measure that does nothing other then provide a false sense of security from lawsuits.
My suggestion is to contact Insights
or another respectable training outfit that is more interested in teaching self defense rather then in covering their SoCal LEO asses. HTH
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