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Great points... don't get me wrong - it's the best magazine out there!

I think it all starts with the name... count me guilty of judging the magazine by the title on the cover. Oh, that and the articles that stick in my mind like the nuclear facility response team, etc.

Is there any chance I can get a subscription mailed in a sealed envelope to save my ultra-liberal roomates hours of lost sleep imaging what might be stored behind that locked door? =)

Side note: I scraped a Grateful Dead dancing bear sticker off my door window and replaced it with my NRA decal yesterday... I think my roomates might start getting the hint soon....

I have to say - I am very excited to see what runt does with the art direction... I will keep buying your magazine, either in the stores or via subscription.

Thanks for your passionate words and deeds!


PS: loved the clip of you on the news. keep up the good work!
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