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OK, we know we have an image problem.
We know the Media is going to continue to find those few that would paint us in the worst possible light even if 99% of us did our best to dress up for the range.

How bout we come up with some ideas to change our image? Doesn't have to be drastic or big. A little at a time goes a long way.
Let's start with some of the more visible things.
Why don't we start with the places we shoot at? Talk to the range owners- see if we can get them to do a facelift of the place-better lighting, fresh coat of paint would help, available brooms to sweep the brass etc. As mentioned earlier, start some good habits at the range and lead by example.
How bout forming volunteer groups to maintain the public range if there's no one doing it at the range.
Let's be realistic, dressing up (nothing fancy just not slobbish) and cleaning up the place is good but won't solve our problem. We need to do more! We need to get the word out there to the non-gunners but we don't have access to the same kind of coverage those liberal media types do. How bout getting to know some media people and letting them see what kind of people we really are? Ask around see if you know someone who knows someone in the Media industry.
Anyone with any other ideas- let's hear it!
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