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The point is simple: many of the other guys provide 6-7 info-mercial features. We offer 10-12 honest reviews. If 2-3 are geared to that portion of the civilian population that carries a badge, you're still ahead of the game.
This is why I quit subscribing to gun mags in general. I started reading various forums where "real world" experiences by average non LEOs like me were not the spectacular wonder gun of the month thrill written about.

I hear this all the time: "Oh, you're a cop magazine". I can't believe that anyone who's gotten past the title can say that.
Rich, I think part of that may come from the editorial content of the previous owners. I remember reading SWAT years ago and it was reviews of UZIs, and assault packs, etc. The subtitle was IIRC "Survival Weapons and Tactics"

I honestly had not read it in years because of that impression. In the last year I have made the aquaintance of a local gun shop owner, this person is a TFL member and aquaintance of yours as well. She had gotten some copies from you to sell/promote in the store. She talked me into getting one, and I have been a regular reader ever since.

Folks, it would be nice if the title of the magazine was "Honest Reviews of Firearms and Related Accessories, Training, and General Information for the Average Shooter, Plus Some Law Enforcement Stuff" but there would be no room left on the cover for photos.

I know I'm sort of preaching to the choir, but get past the table of contents and read the meat of a few articles. IMNSHO you will like what you find.
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