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Enron execs wore suits, as did Tyco, Worldcom, and Arthur Andersen. They might not have acted "professional," but hey, they sure looked "professional!" Politicians, ATF, and the FBI wear suits. Sure, they trample all over your rights, but they look good while doing it! Catholic priests look priestly but are capable of sinning just the same, and it goes we excuse them because they are well-dressed? Dot-bombs did not fail because of casual dress, rather, they failed due to poor or non-existant business models.

Divide and conquer? Is anything in the media not driven by prejudice and stereotype? Would HCI/VPC/MMM not have someone standing by dressed as a "Bubba" if none could be found?

"The clothes do not make the man (or woman)." A slime in a suit is still a slime, and a good guy is still a good guy even if he's just wearing rags!

Personally, I wear a comfortable combination of t-shirt (with sleeves), jeans or cargo pants, and low-buck sneakers. I would not presume to tell others how to dress at the range because THEY ARE NOT THE ENEMY. A teenager dressed like a banger may be a banger, or he may be a straight-A student dressed to the latest pop-culture fad. A man dressed in Islamic garb may be a terrorist-in-training, or he may be a Republican-voting, business-owning, law-abiding man with deeply religious values. A woman dressed "trashy" does not mean she IS "trashy." All of them are probably better shots than me too...

OK, maybe I'm a hypocrite after all because I strongly suggest brimmed hats for everyone (and keep several spares in the car) and no low-cut shirts for women (and keep a spare t-shirt too)...

I also (believe, feel, think, whatever) a political event or business function does suggest a "business-casual" or better method of clothes selection.
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