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Rich Lucibella
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I'll make you a deal:
- Go to
- Click on the covers and then look at the Tables of Contents for the past year an a half
- Discard all LEO only Features and compare what's left to any competitor.

If S.W.A.T. doesn't provide more content of the type you request per issue, I will buy you a one year subscription to that competitor magazine...cheerfully.

The point is simple: many of the other guys provide 6-7 info-mercial features. We offer 10-12 honest reviews. If 2-3 are geared to that portion of the civilian population that carries a badge, you're still ahead of the game.

Seriously, this is not a "call out" and it's not a sales pitch. But I hear this all the time: "Oh, you're a cop magazine". I can't believe that anyone who's gotten past the title can say that.

Further input genuinely appreciated.

ps: November Cover:
"Should Juries Decide the Law" (Jury Nullification Essay)
Infantry Weapons of Korea
Kahr Arms new 1911
Making the AR-15 a Better Night Fighter (Note AR-15 vs M-16)
Rock River's M-4 Entry Tactical Carbine
Taurus Tracker Pistol

Where's the "60% or more" LEO/Mil stuff?
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