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Regardless of the militia looking folks, if they showed up and are in a protest I bet they also voted as well.

I am not about to care how I look. I might be working on my pond or driveway and get board and go shooting. In mud covered cloths, dirty smelly bearded me. And a sweat stained napa or old ratty hat.

I don't care what folks wear, I care if they know and follow safety rules properly and are respectful folks.

Stereotypes are some thing people who shoot tend to think of as well, mini van mommy ring some bells? The parents scared of a bb gun or slingshot ring some more?

The problem I see is the media, they choose who is on the talking box, they edit things to sound better with the required spin, and all sorts of things.

I will never be someone who showers once a month and has clothes that totally reek. I might be someone who wears the same work clothes for a few different days due to a nasty dirty job likely to ruin those clothes.

I do have to admit I live in the boonies. I ran from the burbs real fast and far then got tired and moved in. So my shooting might be at my place or at some local outdoor ranges. Being in the boonies you see a lot of the redneck stereotypes around.

I also know these guys tend to vote since whenever it is brought up they are interested in the loss of rights locally and federally.

I know this is not about a dress code, but I think the problem is the gun owner who is worried about losing mag capacity, certain guns, or whatever, and they do not vote.

Often some people say how the hunter with his scoped 308 is the one who does not care about the loss of some of the rights other gunners enjoy.

I see this as not embracing those who have not had the advantages you have had. I live in the boonies, I have seen folks living out of very small campers and they call it a house.

Accept all who safely use firearms for entertainment, protection, hunting, collecting, or whatever other reasons there are.

Complain to the news who chooses what is seen on the talking box.
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