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I obviously can't speak for anyone else but the intent of my post is not that people don't have the right to look or dress however they please, I happen to be a very big supporter of that right, but that you pay a price for these choices. It happens every day, we are judged by others on many different grounds, one of which happens to be the way we present ourselves in the way we dress, the way we wear our hair etc. I can personally vouch for this because at age 53 I have changed my look and style over the years and believe me people do react differently based on your appearance. I can agree whole heartily with both Navy Joe and ZeusOne when you say that some of the nicest people wear cammies and that we are a varied group of people, as we should be. I happen to be a product of the 60's and as such was a long haired hippie at the time. I also know that many people didn't take me very seriously because of the way I looked. Did I have a right to look and dress the way I did? You better believe it but people did pass judgement. Now I don't go to the range in a suit and tie or even in my khakis and loafers, that's not the point, at least of my response. My point is, look and dress however you want wherever you want, but be aware that if you come off looking like the unabomber that is how you will be percieved whether you think it is fair or not. By the way, in case anyone misunderstands, I am not referring to blue collar vs. white collar, that's not the issue and that's not the type of appearance that came to my mind when I read birdie's post. To me the bottomline is, when you want to sell something you need to package it properly and I'll probably catch a lot of flack for saying this, but I do believe that if every body that was into guns came off as a rhetorical spouting, I'm with stupid/I'm stupid T shirt wearer and camo pants kind of person our gun rights would be in even more trouble. Ever wonder why the presidents of the NRA always dress nicely and project a certain image? It's all in perception.
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