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Agreed that we should be able to wear what is comfortable. Also agree that when our moment in the spotlight comes up we need to do a PR job. When we have tweaked the uninformed interest and have them on the range then they, too, will decide to be comfortable. Gotta get them there first.

HOWEVER. The polo shirt is probably safest. I work for a company that requires dress shirt, tie, wingtips, etc. When I visit a customer like PIXAR animation where the people across the table have green hair, black fingernail polish and earrings (and that would be the male employee), rather than projecting the professional image our corporation wants we find ourselves in an almost advisarial situation. Gotta tone it down.

Maybe the firearms people as a whole need a cadre (wow, how long has it been since you've seen THAT buzzword?) of PR people to handle this stuff?
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