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Gee guys, I sit a computer most of the day, at an international corporation.
(We like Dilbert cartoons. )

But I recently bought some camo pants, just for the range.
I like the double knees and seats, and I don't worry about getting gun oil on them.
But, I usually wear the $55 American Shooter shirt that my wife got me, with my camos.
And Timberline boots.

I still have most of my teeth.

I know what you are saying though.
Gun show, town meeting, I'll be the nerdy looking guy in khakis.

If we could just get the American public to realize that the typical shooter is an accountant, and a sharp looking lady (runt), and a Dad that works 9 to 5, a highschool cheerleader, a housewife,.....etc.

And when you get to know us, we are some of the nicest people that you would ever meet.
And if push ever came to shove, you would want one of us covering your back.

I try to take every opportunity to "educate" non-shooters about the history of firearms in our country.
Every now and then I see that light come on above their head, and it feels really good.
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