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We gun owners are a varied group of people. Some of US may come off LOOKING and SOUNDING ignorant - and maybe some of us just plain are - but we all have a right to own guns and shoot them in a fashion that's in accordance with the law and local custom. We call this America.

Regardless, the anti's, and especially the media, will often go out of their way to find the most objectionable stereotype to represent their intended quarry. So it doesn't really matter if 99% of us attend the range in black tie and form meaningful sentences from multi-syllable words. That's not what an anti-gun media wants to portray. They'll seek out the few ya-hoo/camo/TAChie/banger types and that's what will grace the tube and front page. Sure, it's not fair. Reality is that the media is often biased as hell.

There's always going to be someone we don't want representing our interests. But we can't reasonably expect every gun owner to conform with our individual or majority standards when it comes to appearance and mannerisms. That wouldn't be what we call America.

I don't mean to sound like some flag-waving nut, but the whole second amendment, RKBA thing is about the fundamental values that make up our way of life. We shouldn't forget that there are other fundamental values that must be preserved along the way - no matter how personally distasteful or inconvenient that may be at times.
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