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I've got combat boots, cammies, and boonie hats. I wear them out to the range because they're comfortable for the environment. When I'm out in public, or when I'm modeling for a poster for Oleg, I'll wear what's appropriate. When I'm debating with an anti in person, I'm a perfect lady. I can't afford to be seen as anything else, especially since I know I am representing all gun owners, whether I like it or not. That's also why I like the RKBA stickers on my vehicle - people who see them and then me rethink the "beer bellied redneck gun owner" stereotype.

Oleg has a friend named Paul. When you first look at him, you see a slim man over 6' tall, a scruffy beard, "weather-worn" skin, and a soiled NRA cap. I've never seen him in anything but camo. Most people freak at the sight of him - they immediately think he's the psycho who sits in a tiny one room cabin making pipe bombs. If they just interacted with him, they'd realize he's one of the warmest, friendliest, and most intelligent people around.
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