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Birdie, I couldn't agree with you more! Its nice to hear someone bring up this subject although I'm afraid it isn't going to change the way some people dress or behave themselves. I really enjoy going to the gun shows that come to town yet I always leave with this weird feeling about some of my "associates." There are lots of average folks who like to collect/shoot guns that blend in with those that don't and they are the strongest group to successfully promote and maintain our gun rights. The camo wearing survivalist look just doesn't gain a lot of favor or respect with the people we need to convince that the right to bear arms is an important one and that it makes logical sense. In fact they probably do more to undermine these rights than anybody else, including the antigunners. Unfortunately, guns, knives and other weapons attracts a certain element that probably would not relate to some of the more genteel hobbies. I don't have a problem saying this because I have been "into" handguns for 20 years and I have a life outside of this hobby as I'm sure many of you do as well. The sad fact is that these folks aren't going to change and we as sane, rational and "normal" appearing people need to carry the banner so our rights will always be protected. I am now stepping down from the box, thank you very much.
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