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"It's a free country, man!"

The statement above, while true, is often just used by some folks to excuse their lack of taste or tactfullness. I personally agree with you, it's hard to make a case for gun owners being normal, decent folk when you see some of our "brethren" looking as they do. I'm no fashion plate myself, but if I'm looking "too casual" at the range the last thing I want to do is go on camera. Unfortunately, if there were one "slob" at the store, everybody else was dressed up, the reporter would go right to the "slopjar" person for an interview. And the fool wouldn't THINK of taking a second to straighten up before going on camera. I remember going to a public hearing about an impending local "assault weapon" law being debated by city council. Of course the area militia group showed up downtown in their forest cammies. Hundreds of other pro gun folk had made a concerted effort to dress up in coat and tie for the event, with tasteful lapel buttons. I went over to the militia leader, intro'd myself, mentioned how maybe they ought to think about adopting a "uniform" for coming into town and addressing urban legislators, maybe polo shirts and chinos or something similar. This suave fellow told me: "These are the only clothes I EVER wear." I thanked him for helping to set back our cause, and suggested he remove the piece of Skoal from between his teeth before he spoke to the TV people. Of course the meaningless legislation went on to pass, the "commandos" had scared one maybe vote over to the anti-gun side.
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